Altoz Residential Lawn Mowers

Altoz Residential Lawn Mowers:

The Superior Option for your Lawn Care Needs.

Altoz Residential Mowers are the superior choice for multi-acre homeowners demanding all-day performance. Altoz is driven by passion that goes straight into the innovation of every mower. Altoz Residential models give you a sharp cut at an efficient mowing pace.

Haney Equipment carries a vast selection of Altoz Residential Mowers. Browse our most popular models below, or stop in today!

Lawn Mower Buyer's Guide

What is the difference between the Altoz XR and Altoz XE Series?

Altoz XR Series

The newly introduced Altoz XR Series is ideal for multi-acre mowing! With a more affordable price tag, it has a similar build as the XE, but with a smaller engine, transmission, and fuel capacity. It does however have the same chassis and deck as the XE Series mowers. This series comes with a 3-year, 400-hour warranty.

Altoz XE Series

If you have a large lot and are looking for the mower of a lifetime, choose an Altoz XE Series Mower. At a slightly higher cost than the XR Series, The XE features double the fuel capacity, a larger engine, bigger rear wheels, and a bigger transmission. It comes with a 3-year, 600-hour warranty. The XE Series is a long-lasting option closer to commercial grade at a residential price.

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