Kuhns MFG

We provide economical and versatile handling of small square bales. The Kuhns hay accumulator system allows you to arrange nearly any length or weight of small square bales into group configurations that fit your operation. With 7 models available, the choice is yours.

The Kuhns hay accumulator uses no hydraulics or electronics and is fully automatic with an operating capacity of 12 bales a minute. It uses gravity to efficiently arrange the bales into a pack to be picked up with agrabber mounted on your loader and stacked on a wagon.

Feel free to ask for an Information Pack that includes a DVD with videos of our accumulator working in the field.

Why use hay accumulators?

In the past 35 years we have seen a lot of changes in the way hay is handled. Many dairy operations have moved from using small square bales handled by hand, to large round or square bales moved with machinery. While farms have become larger and fewer, the number of small square bales fed to hobby animals has increased dramatically.

The small square bale hay customer is now a busy professional who needs someone that understands his or her needs. These needs include curing and offsite storage; this increases the labor intensity of the farmer, thereby demanding a better bale handling system. The Kuhns accumulator system is designed to help these farmers minimize the labor involved in producing small square bales. Our accumulator has been developed on our farm in today's market climate, which we have found demands a bale size of 40-45 lbs. Our accumulator can easily handle this size, allowing you to increase the marketability of your bales.

The Kuhns accumulator allows for:

  • Any size bales - Increase your market. Sell a manageable size bale.
  • Increased productivity - The simple design accumulator gives you greater reliability meaning very little downtime. Plus a capacity for 12 bales per minute ensures that you will be able to beat the rain.
  • Any terrain - This machine does well on both hilly and flat terrain.

See some pictures of the accumulator in action. The accumulator and the Tie-Grabber are patented. We always have more stuff in the works but we really can't tell you about it though. Sorry.

About You

We are a customer oriented business and we really do stand behind our product. Our machines have logged thousands of hours in many different areas, terrains, and types of hay so we are sure it would work for you. As a company, we ensure that our machines equip you for a happy, productive experience.

18 Bale Accumulator 18 Bale Accumulator Arranges 18 bales on edge (6 wide x 3 long on edge)
15 Bale Accumulator 15 Bale Accumulator Arranges 15 bales on edge (5 wide x 3 long on edge)
10 Bale Accumulator 10 Bale Accumulator Arranges 10 bales on edge (5 wide x 2 long on edge)
15 Bale (Flat) Accumulator 15 Bale (Flat) Accumulator Arranges 15 bales flat (5 wide x 3 long on strings)
12 Bale (Flat) Accumulator 12 Bale (Flat) Accumulator Arranges 12 bales flat (4 wide x 3 long on strings)
10 Bale (Flat) Accumulator 10 Bale (Flat) Accumulator Arranges 10 bales flat (4 wide x 2 long + 2 sideways on strings)
8 Bale (Flat) Accumulator 8 Bale (Flat) Accumulator Arranges 8 bales flat (4 wide x 2 long on strings)